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TRY ON Your New Body BEFORE Surgery!

Now you can "test drive" your new body before your Breast Augmentation procedure! Forget hot, sticky, smelly rice bags and plastic, rubbery implants. Our Purlz™ Breast Sizers are soft and comfortable to wear and hand washable for extended trials.

Our sizers come in cubic centimeter sizes just like breast implants and are filled with polypropylene beads that weigh about the same as implants and breast tissue. Unlike other sizing systems, we automatically send you TWO sizers in each size. How else can you tell what size you want?

Our Purlz™ Breast Sizing Triple System includes three pairs of sizers in the sizes YOU choose, a sports bra by Champion, special straps to attach the sizers to the bra, and fabric tape to securely hold the sizers in place no matter what you do.

Now you can wear your new body to work, try on all your clothes, go shopping, go dancing, go jogging and actually experience your new body long before your Breast Implant surgery. Then when you have made your sizing decision, you can wear your chosen size to your doctor's appointment so that your surgeon can have a very specific understanding of what you want.

Don't be among the 50% of breast augmentation patients who are happy they had the procedure but wish they had a different size. A full 20% actually go in for a redo. Take the time to fine tune your sizing decision and get comfortable with your new body before you go under the knife. As the carpenters say, "Measure twice; cut ONCE!


Purlz come in cubic centimeter sizes just like implants

Plastic Surgeons | Purlz™

"Purlz™ have been an effective method to help my patients choose their breast implant sizes."

Dr. James Wire


"I began using the Purlz™ Breast Sizing System as an option for patients to try several sizes in their clothes over a period of time. This does cost a little bit extra, but greatly reduces the anxiety in choosing the appropriate implant size. Besides that, it is FUN for the patient."

Dr. Brian Lee


"Purlz™ really help give our patients a good idea of what to expect"

Dr. Nathan Sewell

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